Gravitysics is a challenge puzzle game! You need lead ball to the flag, using physics pieces in wisely way. For each level are availables some pieces, you build the scene and press button play. Besides lead the ball to flag, is needed catch all 3 stars.

The graphics are beautiful. Have a realistic physics  and very fun. 

Gravitysics have a simple mechanics, the game is very fluid, will no crashes or lags on your phone or tablet.


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Amazing Levels

All levels are differents, beginning from easy levels until hard levels!

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How to Play?

  • Select the piece;
  • Move and rotate the piece to lead the ball to flag and catch all 3 stars;
  • Press the Play button!
  • If you don’t reach the goal, try again!
  • There is a solution button, if you don’t realize how to do this.

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